Business Tips

Here you will find useful business hints and tips provided by myself and other black entrepreneurs.

  • Always write down your ideas
  • Regularly revise you business plan
  •  Do your research
  •  Practice your elevator pitch
  •  Smile
  •  Network, network, network as much as you can to get your brand out there
  •  Put yourself out there in every way
  •  Try, try and try again
  •  Make sure you love the job you do
  •  Listen
  •  Talk to others to gain knowledge
  •  Stop talking and just do it!
  •  Always try
  •  Focus
  •  Live the visions and watch it grow
  •  Keep growing and adapting
  •  Help others
  •  Always be prepared
  •  Be self-motivated
  •  Release your emotional baggage, it can stop you from moving your business forward
  •  Be yourself
  •  Follow your dreams
  •  Always monitor your cashflow
  •  Don't procrastinate
  •  You get out what you put in
  •  Always begin with the end in mind

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